One thing that always causes self doubt among online marketers is not just who else is competing, but how many other people are competing in a niche.

Even some gurus will warn you to steer clear of too much competition.

It Isn’t True

Nothing could be further from the truth! If a topic is selling, that means there’s a hungry audience for it.

That’s all you need to know.

You want to put blinders on when it comes to counting up how many products are on the market, or how many websites are already discussing the exact same topic.

Everyone Loves Variety

And consumers love learning…

Once you get your own mind sorted out, you’ll be dealing with those closest to you.

Family members can wreak havoc on your success just by being negative about your efforts — or about life in general.

It’s hard to wake up positive and motivated every day when you’re around someone who drags you down in life.

It’s worse when they direct their negativity toward you.

So as an entrepreneur, you’ll hear a lot of that.

Some Of The Negativity You’ll Hear

You spouse might say, “You still haven’t made any money yet?”

Your in-laws (or even your own parents might say, “When are you going…

Since the pressure to choose a business model can now be taken off the table, the worst of your worries is to find which one best suits you to start with. Because they’re all viable on down the road.

Start by figuring out where your strengths lie — along with your comfort level.

For example…

Do You Like Working For Others?

If you can take directions and complete projects for marketers who are already established, it can take the pressure off of you as you learn more about making money online.

That also includes being a virtual assistant to another marketer.

You can earn money being…

Sometimes, it’s not even about the number of opportunities you’re presented with — a virtual buffet of goodies tempting you at every corner.

Instead, it all boils down to one thing — fear.

Fear is the obstacle that makes self doubt rear its ugly head.

Self doubt is actually a bit different from fear, though.

Knowing The Difference Between Fear And Self Doubt

With self doubt, you know in your heart that you’ll be choosing one of the business models — you just find it hard to pick between them.

You might feel worried that the one you choose is the worst of the two.

Maybe your newbie…

Nobody can tell you that you’re good enough, smart enough or capable enough to accomplish everything you need to get done.

Only YOU can be effective at influencing yourself

So the best thing you can do from here on out is get sick of yourself.

Get sick of your excuses.

Get tired of the whining.

Roll your eyes whenever you start complaining.

Get angry!

Be Defiant

It’s refreshing to get to a point where you no longer put up with your own excuses.

You have to become a brat and refuse to listen to your mindset that says it’s in control and you’re not.

Every single time you wake up…

The fact is, sometimes your self doubt is right.

It’s not always just your mind toying with you.

Sometimes, your gut instinct not to do something is a warning you should heed.

But there’s a difference between your mind saying, “You shouldn’t try to create these graphics yourself because your designs stink,” and it telling you, “You’d save time and frustration saving up to outsource this part of your product.”

You Must Think Like A Business Owner

If you analyze other designs in the marketplace and feel yours can compete, go for it.

If your skills fall short (don’t be afraid to ask people for their honest…

As a solo entrepreneur, you need all of the positive mindset you can get.

When self doubt and negativity creeps in, it can cause you to panic and reverse course — stopping you from ever achieving your dreams.

Seeds of negativity are constantly being sewn in your life, and it’s up to you to spot and weed them out as soon as they take root.

If you leave these influences to flourish, it will someday feel out of control and you won’t know how to get back to a place that’s manageable.

Eliminating Inner Negative Self Talk

Aside from all of the outside influences, which…

It’s hard enough working against the clock when you’re trying to successfully build your business online.

But throw in a hefty dose of self doubt and it’s almost crippling how much it can stall your productivity.

You probably mistakenly believe that not everyone suffers from self doubt — that the successful men and women have somehow conquered it and ooze sheer confidence on a daily basis.

Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth

The actual truth is — they simply learned to plow through it.

They work in spite of self doubt.

This usually comes with practice, and isn’t something you enjoy overnight.

The good news is…

Life brings all kinds of stressors.

You have a busy schedule, family issues, health concerns, and many other things that consume your life.

But for some people, money is the number one stress.

Is Money A Huge Concern For You?

How much time do you spend worried about your money situation?

Money can be one of the most stressful issues for individuals and families alike.

When you don’t have money, you can’t meet the needs of your family such as food, clothing, and shelter.

Money Worries Can Affect Health

Many people are so stressed about money that it affects every aspect of their health.

They may have physical symptoms such as high…

When we are in school or higher education, we expect that the institutions we are attending and paying money for have our best interests in mind, unfortunately that is rarely the case unless you are paying a premium amount of money in a private school or an ivy league college.

The Purpose Of The Education System

It may sound disheartening but the education system was made to create employees not independent thinkers or creative problem solvers and from a higher level, this makes sense.

Not every single person can be independent of working for someone else or our society would fall apart, nobody would be willing…

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