10 Challenges That Money Can Cause… And How To Overcome Them!

The Problems That A Lack Of Money Can Cause…

#1. Having Different Ideas On How To Spend Money

It is not uncommon for partners to have different priorities when it comes to spending money, but if those differences can’t be resolved then that is when it becomes a problem.

#2. Comparing How Much You Have To How Much Others Have

#3. Not Having Equal Responsibility For The Bills

If one partner is paying for everything and the other is paying for nothing, then this can create a power struggle where the one who pays for everything claims control over the other because they pay for everything.

#4. Having / Dealing With Debt

#5. Money Secrets

I know a lot of people who keep their finances secret from their families, this is extremely unhealthy.

How Having More Money Can Lead To Having More Problems

#1. Much Higher Taxes

Income taxes increase as you earn more money, so even though you are making a ton of cash, a good chunk of it is going to be sent to the government.

#2. Lifestyle Inflation

#3. You Now Have A Target Painted On Your Back

People who make a substantial amount of money become targets for scammers because you have what they want and you have a lot of it.

#4. You Will Need An Army Of Financial Advisers

#5. Are Your Friends Really Your Friends? And Does Your Partner Love You… Or Your Money?

If you don’t find “the one” before you gain your wealth then it will be significantly harder to do it afterwards because you don’t ever really know if they love you for you, or for your money.

In Conclusion

Not having enough money is definitely tough, no doubt about it, but having a lot of money also comes with it’s own set of problems and it isn’t what everybody thinks it is.



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