10 Signs You Are Gonna Be Successful

Sign #1 — You Are Optimistic

You can not succeed against great odds if you are not an optimistic person, that doesn’t mean you need to believe things are gonna turn out okay no matter what…

What you need is a special type of optimism called “Tough-Minded Optimism,” that means no matter what happens to you on your journey towards success, you are prepared to handle it and even if you fail you will use the experience to make yourself stronger and wiser.

Optimistic people are willing to work hard because they actually believe success is achievable for themselves, if you don’t believe in yourself and your chances then why would you bother working towards your dreams at all?

Sign #2 — You Are Able To Have Purpose, Set Goals, and Have A Vision

Too many entrepreneurs spread their energy too thin when they are starting out, not only that but they also are too indecisive on how they wanna achieve success…

If you want to make a lot of money, you don’t need to be a dropshipper, an affiliate marketer, a social media influencer, a marketing consultant, and an investor all at once, you just need to pick one and stick with it.

I know so many people who are too distracted by new ideas that they can’t finish what they set out to do in the first place, I’ll give you an example from a friend of mine…

He started out wanting to be an affiliate marketer so he started a website but then he saw that video marketing was on the rise, so (before he even made one sale on his website) he started a youtube channel, and a rich dropshipper caught his attention so now he’s all in love with dropshipping.

The point is, if he had just stuck to the first thing he’d chose he’d be making money by now, but instead he kept trying over and over and wondering why he wasn’t making any sales after such a long time.

So to be successful you gotta pick one thing and focus on it like a laser and once the project doesn’t need your full attention and effort, only then can you move on to the next thing.

Sign #3 — You Have The Willingness To Actually Work

A lot of people want to become successful so they can stop working, but that makes no sense because the number one rule of success is taking action.

Successful people are willing to work hard and suffer a lot to have their dreams fulfilled, If you have the idea in your head that success means being able to be lazy then you are undeserving of success.

Be willing to invest years of your life to solve the problem of money, and you will be rewarded not just in money but peace of mind and knowing deep inside that you are a person that is in charge of their own reality.

And the best part is that once you attain success you will have an easier time gaining more of it, it’s the law of momentum (learn more about it in this article).

Sign #4 — You Have Strong Discipline

It is impossible to hold onto success without being able to give yourself orders and follow them, that is what having strong discipline is.

You may think that this subject is unimportant or boring but if you cannot control yourself, your impulses, and your short term desires then how can you expect yourself to control a million dollar business.

Freedom equals discipline because people who aren’t responsible with their free time and don’t tell themselves what to do will find themselves getting told by other people what to do and losing their freedom.

“Great achievers know that while the universe is built by atoms, success is built by minutes and they are masters when it comes to use of their time.”

Sign #5 — You Have An Integrated Mind

Successful people have a good relationship with their subconscious mind and are willing to put their ego aside and trust their gut feelings.

Even the richest man on planet earth, Jeff Bezos, has said multiple times in interviews that his biggest wins for Amazon came from gut feeling decisions.

One of the great secrets to success has been letting your non-rational mind solve your problems and create solutions for you.

So how do you do this? You have to get rid of your ego (read more about this here), that is the side of your personality that is insecure and needs short term gratification and flashy and expensive things to feel important. It also doesn’t feel right being on the same level as everyone else, your ego wants to be above everyone either through achieving things or worse through bringing other people down.

You also need to meditate daily, there seems to be no benefit to meditation from an outside observers point of view but once you start doing it, you’ll find that life becomes a little bit easier, you aren’t unhappy all the time, you don’t get stressed easily anymore, and your thinking ability is improved because your brain isn’t preoccupied with worry and random trains of thought.

Meditation will also help eliminate your ego and bring you closer to your subconscious mind. Suddenly you’ll start to get these amazing business ideas and solutions to your problems seemingly out of thin air but whats really going on is that your subconscious mind is working on things for you in the background while you do other tasks.

If this all seems a little to “out there” for you, I suggest you give it try first for a couple weeks before you dismiss anything.

Sign #6 — You Are A Big Reader

The great majority of people who are successful have attributed their success to reading, Mark Cuban reads 3 hours a day and Warren Buffet reads for 8 hours a day.

Tony Robbins once said that success leaves clues, well reading the books written by the most successful people or about them is the best way to find those clues.

If you are not a big reader then success will be a lot harder for you because you are not gaining the wisdom and experience of people who are where you want to be.

Curiosity and the willingness to learn are so vital to success, thus the saying “leaders are readers”

Sign #7 — You Are A Risk Taker

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You cannot achieve success if you are not willing to take risks, the people who don’t want to take risks are called “employees” that means they’ve traded their freedom and time for a false sense of security through a small but steady paycheck.

If you want to get anywhere great in life then you have to take a risk on everything and set out to build your dream.

I took a risk by not attending college like all my other friends and classmates because I saw it for what it was, just another assembly line to become a cog in a machine somewhere and rent my body 8 hours a day for a small amount of money.

My life is now thousands of times better than anyone in my graduating class, I’m probably making more than anybody from my high school (including the staff) and even some of the people I know who graduated from college are broke as hell and in debt because they thought they’d get a job right out of the gate.

Take risks to win something or risk nothing and live a life of quiet desperation.

Sign #8 — You Understand The Power of Expectation

Successful people expect the best and usually get it, because expectations have a way of attracting you to want you want.

It’s like your mind has a guidance system that adjusts your course ever so slightly towards the things you desire most.

You will make choices that bring you closer towards what you expect and you will seek out opportunities for that expectation.

The more you detailed you are in what you expect, the more likely it is that you get it because you have formed a clear idea of what you want and now your mission is to get it.

Sign #9 — You Are Able To Master Skills

Time and patience are all that you need to be a master of anything, just pour all your attention and time into learning something that you want to be good at and it will be impossible for you not to become a master.

Mastery is something that gives you great respect in the world and elevates you above other people because it is so rare to find a master at something, people will seek you out for wisdom and you will drive your skill to new heights with your deep knowledge of the subject.

The world needs masters and if you can become a master at something then you will have success.

Sign #10 — You Are Well-Rounded

Being well rounded means that you have a lot of knowledge in a lot of different areas and you can use that knowledge to form new ideas by connecting it all together, you want to be a well-rounded person because that means you have more than one skill and you are getting a good idea of what life’s all about instead of just choose one job at 23 and doing that for the rest of your life until you die.

Choose to always learn something new, have new experiences, and try to never stop growing as a person.

The person you become at the end of that life is the real success you’ll have.

Originally published at http://forgefinancialfreedom.com on March 19, 2019.



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