3 Skills You Need in Order To Start An Online Business

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4 min readAug 20, 2019

There are tons of ways to learn new skills if you have an internet connection, we are no longer required to pay big tuition costs or go into student debt in order to make a good living.

Because we live in such an opportunistic point in time, I’d like to give you a few tips on what skills you should learn in order to have a strong start in your online business ventures.

#1 Learn English

I don’t mean to offend anyone if English isn’t your native language or if you are having problems picking it up, but in this day and age, English is the primary language spoken by most people on the internet.

If you want to reach a wide range of people and tap into the countries with the biggest consumers then learning to speak their language effectively is absolutely essential.

Once you have a good grasp of the language, I suggest learning how to write sales copy (which is the writing style that advertisements are written in) because this skill will make you more persuasive on the internet and in real life.

If you are a native English speaker and have been speaking it since you were born, an online business opportunity you might want to look into is English tutoring, you can use a webcam and skype to teach English to students around the world for about $20 bucks an hour.

They are more than happy to learn from you and you usually don’t need any teaching experience or know a foreign language, they will just have a conversation with you in English.

#2 Learn How To Create A Website / Blog

You don’t need to know how to program code or learn how to work with complicated software in order to create a website, you can just use a website builder like wordpress or squarespace to start from a template and work off of that.

It’s much easier than learning how to code a website and having it look like it was made in the nineties. There are tons of tutorials online that will show you how to build a website on wordpress from the very beginning, and that will be enough for you to be able to start a blog.

Why would you want to start a blog? because if you own an online business then you are going to need an audience from which you can grow your customer base, you can’t sell anything consistently online if you don’t have any regular customers.

If you have a blog that means you have a pool of people continually returning to your website to read your recommendations and buy things.

From there you can evolve your audience into an email list and make even more sales but that’s a topic for another article.

#3 Learn To Have Patience

Building an audience usually takes months if you don’t go viral early, which is good because that teaches you to be patient and not to give up on your goals so easily.

If you have the patience and willingness to work through every problem or boring period in this career then there is nothing that can stop you from making a tons of money in this field.

Most wanna-be entrepreneurs start their business expecting quick results but I’m sorry to say that almost never happens, these people then decide it’s not possible for them because they didn’t get immediate results.

What you have to learn about entrepreneurship is that it’s very boring and it’s more like gardening and fishing than it is like the wolf of wall street or playing a video game. You must learn to be patient and metaphorically walk 100 miles instead of expecting to sprint 40 meters.

The skill of patience is the most important skill because it’s what truly separates the real entrepreneurs from the wanna-bes, when you have patience you say that you are going to work on a problem until it gets solved. This mindset is what creates unstoppable people and businesses.

In Conclusion

All that is asked of you in business whether online or not, is the willingness to learn, and if you learn these 3 skills then you could potentially be a 7 figure earner solely from online business.

That’s literally all it takes, yes there are more details involved but these are the most basic underlying traits behind a successful internet entrepreneur.

And just as a final word of advice, never stop improving yourself, your business, and the world around you. You will lead a very happy life if you manage to stick to it and make it work.

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