When a carefully-thought-out plan just isn’t working, it may be time to ditch it for a backup plan.

A backup plan is a contingency plan you should have put in place before you began the project so you won’t have to slow down or stop if the main plan isn’t working.

You’ll know if the original plan isn’t working because your progress will slow or it isn’t giving the results you anticipated.

Why Have A Backup Plan?

Backup options will help you move on without stopping to figure out what your next move will be.

Later on, you can revisit the original idea to see…

Harnessing the power of momentum is imperative to reaching your goals and is essential to becoming successful.

It’s important that you immediately set about gathering momentum as soon as you set your goals.

Don’t let them languish while you think about it.

Don’t Wait, Begin Immediately

When surfers go about catching a big wave, they can’t hesitate — they must use the power of momentum or give up and wait for the next wave.

If they wait too long or try to catch the wave before it’s the right time, they may take a tumble or the wave will give out before it peaks.

If you can’t seem to get ahead or make progress with your business because you lack an entrepreneurial spirit of giving, it may be time to assess your upbringing.

Many parents raise their children to be giving while others are intent on having their children focus on earning money.

The Reality Is — You Need A Balance Of Both

Children who were raised to give with a free spirit may have difficulty grasping the importance of receiving money for what they do — especially those who offer advice and guidance.

When you have an entrepreneurial mindset, you strive to change yours and others’ lives for the better.

You seek change…

No matter what stage of life you happen to be in at the moment, you’ll want to set some personal financial goals which reflect your situation, goals and dreams.

Do you want to have money to purchase a home, send your kids to college or travel?

Everyone is different, and you have to figure out what you want out of life — and how to get it.

If you don’t dream big, you won’t achieve big, so really think about what you want — for your family, charities — and yourself.

Create A Financial Calendar For Setting Goals

You may want to be able to pay for…

Being acutely aware of your minimum financial requirements is the first step in becoming financially independent.

Pay bills on time and know where your money is going.

That sets up the scenario for further financial successes.

Budget And Track Where You’re Spending Money

When you’re aware of the exact amount you need to meet bills and other necessities, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever fall short.

If you’re married and share the expenses, make sure your spouse is well aware of what your bills are and how you’re going to meet those obligations.

Many couples have run into major trouble by being clueless of financial needs and goals.

As an entrepreneur, there are many tried and true ways that you can serve your audience and help grow your own business as well.

You don’t have to feel guilty about your own success when you know your clients are prospering from your efforts.

One way you can know that your audience is benefiting from your efforts is to define a particular group rather than attempting to appeal to everyone.

Don’t Try To Please Everyone Possible

It’s like shooting an arrow haphazardly without really aiming.

You’ll surely miss the target and hit something you didn’t mean to.

But when you have a target audience, you’ll know…

You don’t have to sweat buckets and work 24/7 to make a success of your business as an entrepreneur.

The key is to work smarter rather than longer and harder.

Customers don’t care how hard or long you worked on a solution for their problems — they only want good advice.

Give Your Audience What They Want

It may only take a minute or two for you to find exactly the answer they need to solve their problem, but because of your expertise and experience, you were able to find the solution and translate it to the customer in record time.

When you focus on what…

When self-esteem takes a nosedive in childhood or other times in your life, you may have difficulty in overcoming it and realizing true success.

Self-esteem problems often begin in childhood when you may have been ridiculed or made to feel inadequate.

These problems can haunt you forever if you can’t heal yourself, let go of the past and be there for others who may need your advice and help.

Thoughts Are Also Habitual

Negative thoughts about yourself may be the norm for you and may have become a bad habit.

Getting rid of those thoughts of inadequacy and replacing them immediately with thoughts of…

Sometimes an evaluation of a project or goal may need to take place when a milestone is reached rather than at the end of the entire project or goal.

You can prevent a waste of effort and resources when you see things that aren’t working and can change them before the project is complete.

Don’t Continue Doing Things The Same Way If It Isn’t Working

Businesses use benchmarks as indicators for measuring the successes (or failures) of a project and you can do the same with any career or life goal you hope to achieve.

At the end of a pre-chosen date or milestone, the indicators are evaluated to see if…

Quality of a project or product can set the stage for success or failure.

It’s best to ensure quality by making changes as needed as the project is in process, but it’s especially important at the end of the project so your customers — and yourself — can benefit on the next project you undertake.

If You’re Always Changing For The Better, The Business Is Sure To Grow

If the end results are not deemed of quality, it’s time to take a serious look at what you’re doing and take steps to improve the process.

If end results aren’t what you anticipated, you need to make a commitment to devote yourself and the…

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