Articles Can Direct Traffic Straight To Your Info Products — How To Utilize This Powerful Method

Using article marketing for promoting your own info products is a widely underused tool but one that’s highly effective at directing traffic.

When talking about marketing by the use of articles, there’s an assumption that it’s basically for affiliate marketers.

While it’s true that many successful affiliate marketers do tap into the power of using articles this way, you can use it to accelerate the growth of what you have to offer, too.

Every day people access this gold mine to heighten the visibility of their businesses.

It’s sort of the sign in the window that leads the way to the site you want the traffic to get to.

You can use this savvy idea whether you’re promoting a physical or an informational product.

This Gives You A Foothold

When you use article marketing for promoting your products, you build a solid web presence and even if you’re a startup online business, you can afford to use this tactic to promote yourself because it won’t cost you a dime.

What it will cost you is the time it takes to write the articles or the cost to pay someone else to do it if you’re not comfortable with your own writing.

Since article directories allow links, make sure you take advantage of a powerful linking strategy.

When you do submit articles, keep them coming.

You’ll want to keep the content fresh and meaningful for the visitors, eventually establishing yourself as the authority in your niche.

Not only that, but relevant content will boost rankings of your site.

Make Your Article Content Easy To Digest

Unbroken text leads to skim reading.

Break up long paragraphs because it’s easier for people to read in shorter bursts.

That’s why bullet lists are so popular.

Prepare Articles For Your Affiliates

The reason you want to do this lies in how you can then use the articles.

These articles can be used on websites, on blogs, in email newsletters and as special opt-in information reports.

Whatever you do, it has to bring added value to the table.

When you write the titles for your articles (or have someone else do them) avoid being vague or cute with your titles.

You don’t want to waste time on words that won’t go to work for you as SEO rich verbiage.

Final Thoughts

Article marketing for promoting your products is not a selling tactic.

You want to have content that promotes your stuff by way of hinting at a solution — you don’t want to solve the problem completely, because then why should the customer go to your other site or buy anything from you?

The purpose of the articles isn’t to sell.

It’s to point the traffic to the site that will bring a conversion.

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Originally published at on May 9, 2021.

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