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2 min readAug 25, 2020

A lot of the time you get what you pay for at dollar stores, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good products there at a big discount.

Some of these purchases are no brainers and some may surprise you…

Here are the things you should always buy at the dollar store!

#1. Candy

Every dollar store I’ve been to has a great selection of candy at really good prices, you can even find movie theatre style boxes of candy for a fraction of the price you’d see at an actual cinema.

Around Halloween or Valentine’s Day, make sure you check out what’s on offer at the dollar store to get the best price on your favorite candies.

They even sell large bags of bite-size candy perfect for birthday parties at cheaper prices than supermarkets.

#2. Dishware

Getting serviceable dishware at the dollar store is surprisingly easy, it isn’t hard to manufacture metal spoons or simple dishes.

The reason you pay more for these at bigger stores, is because they usually have a brand-name attached to them or they have ornate engravings and designs on them.

If you don’t mind plain looking dishware that gets the job done, look no further than your local dollar store.

#3. Glassware

For the same reason that dishware is a good buy, it is worth shopping primarily at the dollar store for mugs, glasses, and vases.

Why pay more at bigger stores when you can find great and dependable glassware for a few bucks?

You’ll also usually be able to just buy what you need instead of getting a full set.

#4. Storage Containers

You can get strage containers to organize your entire home and office for less than half of what you’d pay at a department store.

If you’ve been looking to clean up and organize your living spaces, avoid over-priced plastic and get the cheap stuff.

This also goes for tupperware, just avoid off brands that don’t seal correctly.

Final Thoughts

When buying things at the dollar store, you usually want to keep purchases in the category of “things I’m only going to use once.”

This can be stuff like party decorations, holiday decorations, greeting cards, etc.

But don’t ignore the advice about dish and glassware, that’s one of the place where you’ll save the most value compared to department store prices.

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