Choosing A Business Model That Plays To Your Strengths

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2 min readJun 9, 2021

Since the pressure to choose a business model can now be taken off the table, the worst of your worries is to find which one best suits you to start with. Because they’re all viable on down the road.

Start by figuring out where your strengths lie — along with your comfort level.

For example…

Do You Like Working For Others?

If you can take directions and complete projects for marketers who are already established, it can take the pressure off of you as you learn more about making money online.

That also includes being a virtual assistant to another marketer.

You can earn money being behind the scenes — watching what another person does to succeed online and helping them build their business while you take notes on how to do it.

Do You Have Incredible Software Or Plugin Creation Skills?

These types of technical skills are something not many people have.

Find a way to create something that helps people do their jobs easier or better and you’ll be providing a benefit to your niche community.

Do You Feel Confident Creating Info Products?

This is a fantastic business that helps you develop more self confidence.

You can work with different media formats (text, video and audio), in a variety of niches, and provide different forms of products.

One might be private label rights, where you create a product and sell it to multiple buyers to use as their own product.

Another might be a membership site where people log in and get tutorials on how to do something.

And don’t forget traditional eBook publishing that informs and educated readers.

If you like writing, you might enjoy putting your self doubt at ease by working under a pen name on Kindle, publishing both non fiction and fiction materials to eager, hungry audiences.

Never Be Afraid To Jump Right Into Coaching, Too

If you have a lot of insight to offer someone, they might be willing to pay for personal hand holding and mentoring along the way.

You’d be surprised at how much people pay by the hour for good guidance.

Be sure you do have the expertise required though, you don’t want to wing it with this one.

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