Despite Popular Belief, Success Doesn’t Require Suffering

You don’t have to sweat buckets and work 24/7 to make a success of your business as an entrepreneur.

The key is to work smarter rather than longer and harder.

Customers don’t care how hard or long you worked on a solution for their problems — they only want good advice.

Give Your Audience What They Want

It may only take a minute or two for you to find exactly the answer they need to solve their problem, but because of your expertise and experience, you were able to find the solution and translate it to the customer in record time.

When you focus on what will help your customers and know your advice is the best, others will be willing to pay for it.

What is the advice worth to them?

That’s up to you to decide, based on research you can easily find online.

Offer More Than Expected

Set your price and stand firm, but offer more than they expect.

You may compare yourself to other entrepreneurs who seem to brag about staying up all night to work on a project or who went to great lengths and spent a great deal of time solving a problem.

But you don’t have to suffer constantly to make your business a success — or to help others turn their businesses into successes.

Having A Strong Direction Makes Things Easier

Your goals and dreams naturally take time and effort to achieve, but when you decide what your main goal is and know how to achieve it, you’ll take less time to get it all done.

All success takes time and effort, but if you plan wisely and schedule your time to reflect your best efforts, you’ll soon develop trust in yourself that you can ultimately achieve what you want without having to give up anything or anyone you enjoy.

Remember That Success Is Like Planting An Apple Tree

You have to wait for the fruit to appear, but watching it grow and flourish is part of the fun and fulfillment.

You’re gradually planting seeds of success among people who ask for your advice and your efforts will eventually bear fruit.

Also, make sure you focus on what you want to achieve rather than possible failure.

Time will fly when you’re working on something you’re passionate about.

The accolades you’ll receive from your customers as you work to help them solve problems will help you realize your own self-worth and set your prices accordingly.

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Originally published at on May 11, 2021.

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