Destroy The Negative Voice In Your Head

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3 min readJun 5, 2021

As a solo entrepreneur, you need all of the positive mindset you can get.

When self doubt and negativity creeps in, it can cause you to panic and reverse course — stopping you from ever achieving your dreams.

Seeds of negativity are constantly being sewn in your life, and it’s up to you to spot and weed them out as soon as they take root.

If you leave these influences to flourish, it will someday feel out of control and you won’t know how to get back to a place that’s manageable.

Eliminating Inner Negative Self Talk

Aside from all of the outside influences, which we’ll discuss in a moment, one of the biggest negative factors stems from your own mindset.

You’re trashing your decisions and never giving yourself a chance to succeed.

Part of why we do this is self preservation.

We want to be smart about thing.

The Purpose Of Negative Self Talk

If we predict failure, and it comes true — then we’re insightful and it won’t sting as much as if we had falsely pinned our hopes on success.

You might say things like, “No one will want to listen to me in this niche — look at all the other experts out there who are much better than me!”

Or you might start to make a video blog and see yourself in the camera and turn it right off, picking on yourself for being too fat, too old, or not handsome or pretty enough.

You might just lightly criticize yourself, doubting your decisions on which niche to choose or what kind of business model you want to implement.

And every time something goes awry (as it does for all marketers), you beat yourself up brutally, calling yourself stupid.

Sometimes Your Negativity Is Aimed At Other People

There are thousands of people working toward online success who do nothing but blame others for their failures.

Everyone scams them.

They tell themselves nothing works.



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