Do You Have An Entrepreneurial Spirit? — What Creates One?

If you can’t seem to get ahead or make progress with your business because you lack an entrepreneurial spirit of giving, it may be time to assess your upbringing.

Many parents raise their children to be giving while others are intent on having their children focus on earning money.

The Reality Is — You Need A Balance Of Both

Children who were raised to give with a free spirit may have difficulty grasping the importance of receiving money for what they do — especially those who offer advice and guidance.

When you have an entrepreneurial mindset, you strive to change yours and others’ lives for the better.

You seek change, rather than sitting back waiting for things to happen.

Giving is an important part of the entrepreneurial spirit, but it should also enhance the growth of the entrepreneur rather than just the person being helped.

Entrepreneurs Can’t Think Of Their Work With A Negative Mindset

Positivity and enthusiasm is key to having others look up to you as a leader and advisor.

Entrepreneurs are empowered and are capable of teaching others to become empowered.

A sense of being worthy of success is also important to the entrepreneurial spirit.

Giving away all of your advice and guidance information for free doesn’t enhance an entrepreneur’s path to success at all — in fact, it may hinder progress.

If You Don’t Think Your Advice Has Monetary Value, No One Else Will

This attitude can’t be taught, but may be developed over time.

By fostering passion and enthusiasm for what you do, the entrepreneurial spirit will grow and you will prosper as a result.

Potential customers sense the passion and enthusiasm in your voice and in the helpful information that you offer.

Even if a person comes into their relationship with you skeptical at first, they sense your conviction and will react by becoming a loyal customer.

And while some people accept things as they are, entrepreneurial spirits are researching how it can be done better.

They’re usually on the forefront of all great innovations — because they care.

Final Thoughts

Entrepreneurs are naturally optimistic and tend to enjoy life to the fullest.

They take risks and push past the lines where others have stopped.

Even though you may not feel you’ve developed a true entrepreneurial spirit over time, you can begin now to turn the tables and eventually consider yourself worthy of all good things that come your way.

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Originally published at on May 14, 2021.

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