Has Something In Your Past Impeded Your Feelings Of Self Worth?

When self-esteem takes a nosedive in childhood or other times in your life, you may have difficulty in overcoming it and realizing true success.

Self-esteem problems often begin in childhood when you may have been ridiculed or made to feel inadequate.

These problems can haunt you forever if you can’t heal yourself, let go of the past and be there for others who may need your advice and help.

Thoughts Are Also Habitual

Negative thoughts about yourself may be the norm for you and may have become a bad habit.

Getting rid of those thoughts of inadequacy and replacing them immediately with thoughts of what you have accomplished or what is truly good about you can give you a self-confidence boost.

It just takes practice.

When in doubt about a project or question you’ve been asked, ask questions until you feel secure that you know what you’re up against and what’s expected of you.

When you have the necessary information, you’ll be armed with what you need to do your job well.

Life sometimes gives you lemons, but when you’ve been subjected to something traumatizing, it can also make you a strong person — when you make lemonade from it.

Letting go of the anger and resentment you may still be holding tight in your heart and mind can help you get on with the future and the happiness and accomplishments ahead.

Attract Positive People, Avoid Negative

Surround yourself with people who support the person you’re striving to become.

Negative people will only foster negative thoughts.

Create a new you by taking care of yourself, learning something new and begin to love and accept yourself again.

Do A Little More Than You Think You’re Capable Of

When you do accept a difficult project, go above and beyond what is expected.

The appreciation you’ll receive from a job well done can boost your self-confidence and make you want to take on even more toward your quest for success.

Above all, don’t ever give up.

Final Thoughts

You may find yourself falling back into despair or doubts during down days.

The old self sometimes has a hard time giving up on making you miserable.

Meditate, exercise or do things that you know have the effect of boosting your self-esteem.

Take care of yourself and do what you need to do to lift yourself and your mood up again.

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