How Closing A Sale Is A Lot Like Asking Your Boss For A Raise

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2 min readApr 30, 2021

Proving your worth to a boss is sometimes difficult when you work within a large company.

You may rarely see or interact with the person responsible for giving you a raise in pay because there is a supervisor (or several) to contend with first.

When you have your own business and offer a product or service for sale, you’re faced with a similar situation.

You Have To Offer Value In Order To Trade It For The Money

A potential customer doesn’t see you researching and working hard on how to offer the best quality possible.

They don’t realize your worth — and unless you know your worth, you’ll never be able to ask for the payment you deserve.

A salesman closes the sale by asking for the money, but preps the customer before by reassuring him that he’s getting the best return on his investment.

If he’s a new customer, offering a sample (or freebie) may push him over the edge of closing the sale.

Another Way Is To Offer More Than What You Advertise

Special bonuses or reports add value to your product and give the customer an incentive to purchase the entire package.



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