How To Find The Perfect Niche: A Step-By-Step Guide

The Benefits Of Niche Marketing Compared To Mass Marketing

Here’s Step Number One, Build Your Niche Around What You’re Familiar With

Step Two, Find How You Can Best Provide Value To Those In Your Niche Market

Step Three, Research Your Competition

  1. Quality if you don’t have the reach that your competition has, you can beat them on quality, you can go the extra mile with your content by having a nicer site, custom pictures for your articles or longer more, informative posts.
  2. Image you can choose to be more active on social media and your site to show that you aren’t a big soulless company.
  3. Price if you offer a service, you should undercut the competition by selling cheaper and providing more (while still remaining profitable), this way the market will have no choice but to go with your offering.

Step Four, Can The Niche Actually Be Monetized?

Step Five, Take The Plunge



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