Important Legal Issues To Consider When Starting An Online Business

When starting an online venture as an entrepreneur, it’s easy to forget that there are a lot of legal issues you need to consider, you can’t just start making money and never think about the hurdles required to keep and maintain it.

If you don’t have these certain legal requirements in your head while building your business then you could possibly end up in trouble.

Here are a few legal hurdles companies face and how to deal with them.

Copyright, Trademark, and Intellectual Property

If you own a website or any kind of content on the internet then you have to be sure to trademark and copyright it. There are a lot of websites or companies out on the web who will steal your content or at least take big chucks of it to use for their own.

Talk to a business attorney in your area or use a site like Legal Zoom to get all the necessary paperwork done, so your work can be protected.

If you aren’t protected by the law then unfortunately there isn’t much you can do about it.

Compliance / Terms & Conditions

Any business you deal with online will have their own set of terms and conditions, from the companies you are affiliated with to the company whose servers you host your site on.

Be sure to read or at the very least skim through the terms and conditions of any company you use or come into contact with so that you don’t break any of their rules.

If you end up breaking these rules, it can give you a lot of headaches, such as having all your content removed from a platform, being banned from said platforms, or getting into legal hot water with another company.

If a company or platform doesn’t want you using their tools in a certain way then it’s best to just work with another one or comply with their rules.

Just make sure to stay up to date with the rules and don’t do anything that you think would be considered a violation.

Client / Employee Contracts

Once you reach a certain point in your business, you will start having to hire freelancers and employees to help you with the growing work load, and if you have a B2B business then you will have to deal with clients.

It is important to know that you will have to use contracts to make any agreement official in this field, otherwise you could end up having no legal ground to stand on if there is a legal dispute.

So use an attorney or a site like legal zoom to draw up your contracts and keep yourself and other people accountable to their agreements.

Legal Expenses Insurance

One day, though it might not ever happen, you may have to settle a legal dispute between you and another party. If this happens then you’ll be glad that you had insurance in the event that you’d face legal expenses.

Legal expenses insurance is something that can protect your money from being drained if a legal case ever comes up and you need to hire a lawyer and pay court fees.

Paying Taxes

This may be the most vital tip in the whole article, if you don’t pay the taxes you owe to the government, then you could be in serious trouble with an entity capable of taking everything away from you and banning you from operating a business.

Don’t mess around when it comes to taxes because nobody can cheat the government, if you ever hear about big companies paying little taxes, it’s because they do it legally with an army of high-powered attorneys.

Until you get to that point, treat taxes as a very serious legal obligation you cannot escape from. Because it is.

So go download the form you need and fill it out or have a tax professional fill it out for you, and pay on time.

In Conclusion

I hope by writing this article, I have given you some things to consider while you run your business, if you keep all of this in mind as you go about building your empire then you should have a more or less easy time and be protected when things don’t go your way.

Good luck with the business (and please pay your taxes)!

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Originally published at on August 26, 2019.



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We offer a variety of finance related content: personal finance, investing, economics, and how to make money online! Be sure to visit!