So I Finally Read The Lean Start Up — My Thoughts

The Story


Entrepreneurship Is Really About Management

The New Approach

What Are Some Components Of A Lean Start-Up?

3 Principles

  1. Validated Learning start-ups aren’t trying to create a perfect product or service yet, they need to first figure out how they are going to be a sustainable business. This is done by constantly experimenting to find what is valuable to customers.
  2. Build — Measure — Learn when a start-up measures how customers respond, it knows whether to keep going with an idea or to discard it for something new.
  3. Innovation Accounting accurately measure your results, and find processes to make your business more efficient.

In Conclusion

What The Lean Start-Up did was bring the scientific method into business and created companies that quickly rose from nothing. It’s not simply the hottest thing to buy into this decade, it’s how successful business is done now.



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