The Magic Of Believing

Why do people make more money than you do? You know that you are smart and more than capable of generating a good income, so is it because they have more intelligence than you do? You work hard to the best of your ability and you still can’t make ends meet, so are there wealthier people than you because they work their butt to the bone and you don’t?

The answer lies within what we believe, whether it be about ourselves, money, success, or other people. We are our actions and our actions are brought forth from thought and our thoughts are shaped by our beliefs. If you have poor beliefs you will be poor, if you have great beliefs you will be great. This is the magic of believing.

“Gradually I discovered that there is a golden thread that runs through all the teachings and makes them work for those who sincerely accept and apply them, and that thread can be named in a single word — Belief. It is this same element or factor, belief, which causes people to be cured by mental healing, enables others to climb the ladder of success, and gets phenomenal results for those who accept it.”

- Claude M. Bristol


Claude Bristol was a journalist for the church section of a newspaper in his big city, it was through this job that he was able to shake hands with people of all different backgrounds, beliefs, and occupations. Later in his life, Bristol filled his mind with hundreds of books about psychology, religion, science, metaphysics, and ancient magic.

Over time Bristol noticed a pattern or what he calls a “golden thread” that runs through all these teachings, it was that the power of belief is stronger than most people can even imagine.

When Claude was sent out to fight in world war 1, he struggled financially and couldn’t even pay for a pack of cigarettes. He made a decision (not a wish) that when he got back home he was going to be rich. When he finally got back home he was offered a job by a banker who had seen a story about him in the newspaper.

Even though Bristol’s starting salary was nothing to write home about, he maintained what he called a “mental picture of wealth,” so whenever he had free time he would just doodle dollars signs on paper. Claude suggests that because he reinforced his belief so often and so definitely, he became a successful investment banker and businessman.

“Undoubtedly, we become what we envisage.”

- Claude M. Bristol

Is It Destiny Or Is It Belief?

When Napoleon Bonapart was a boy, he was given a jewel called the star sapphire along with a prophecy that he would become the emperor of France one day. Napoleon accepted this divination as a fact, and it came true.

Bristol tells us of another intriguing story of a girl named Opal Whiteley, she was the daughter of an Oregon logger, but she always held the belief that she was secretly the daughter of royalty, specifically Henri d’Orleans, a man who claimed to be in line for the title of King of France. Although mostly everyone believed it wasn’t true, there was a diary supposedly written by her describing her royal parents. In spite of that, when Opal was in her twenties, she was seen in India, in a royal carriage belonging to The King of Udaipur; as it turns out she was living in the royal palace. A man who knew her during her childhood told an Oregon newspaper “It was uncanny, almost supernatural, the manner in which circumstances suited themselves to her plans.”

The Magic of Believing’s biggest message is this: you can have whatever you desire, and be whatever you want if you can develop a strong enough belief to support it. Napoleon Bonapart and Alexander The Great became supermen because they had supernormal beliefs. What you believe about yourself and your place in the world are the main factors of your success.

Taming The Subconcious

The core of belief power, Bristol tells us, lies within the relationship between the conscious and the subconscious mind.

The subconscious is a machine we aren’t aware of but it sees and hears everything, it works to turn our beliefs from thoughts into reality. To get the most out of this aspect of our minds, we must learn how to give respect to it and have faith in it’s powers. The subconscious’ primary input is visual, it is very important that we feed it mental pictures of what we desire. It then lives up to or works toward the image that is placed in front of it. Like a heat-seeking missile it guides us by giving subtle hunches of what to do, where to go, and who to see in order to get what we want.

Since the subconscious lies underneath all our day-to-day mental processing, it can silently guide us to events and people that can help us achieve our goals. Keep in mind, the force of belief can’t work for us until the belief is so solidified in our mind that it is basically recognized as a fact.

The Power Of Suggestion

Do you ever wonder why people chant or bang on drums or pray with beads? Repetition is a great way to carve pathways of belief onto your mind, the suggestion that is planted eventually forms into an expectation.

Of course this is the principle that is behind successful advertising, they say a person needs to hear your ad seven times before your business becomes a choice in their mind.

The last thing for this section is that Bristol warns not to misuse the power of strong belief and suggestion: It is a power to be used constructively, not to achieve dominance.

In Conclusion

While some may be put off by this books unscientific nature, it’s repetitive ramblings get better after every reading and reveal more and more each time. Bristol of all people knew that ancient writings are made purposefully vague to keep their power away from those who might abuse it.

I understand that all this woo-woo stuff is difficult to buy into but Bristol was skeptical himself until he noticed that everyone unknowingly uses the magic of believing whenever we want something strongly. By reading this book you can learn how to develop skill in using the magic of belief consciously instead of fumbling around with it like most people do.

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