Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill — Why You Should Read

In the early 20th century, steel magnate Andrew Carnegie helped a man named Napoleon Hill go across the country to interview hundreds of successful people, Hill was down on his luck (as was everyone else during the great depression) but he believed that success had principles that anyone could follow and he would make it his mission to write them down on paper for anyone willing to pursue wealth.

Those writing eventually became an 8 volume work known as the Law of Success, but there was a more famous, shortened version called “Think and Grow Rich” which boiled the laws of success down to a single book.

What made this book so radical is that Hill didn’t just want people to think about not being poor, he wanted them to know they could become rich!

Using The Mind To Create Success

Hill gives us a story about one of Thomas Edison’s Assistants who showed up at his door one day and said he was going to be his business partner.

And even though Edison ended up giving him a small job to do, Edwin C. Barnes did not give up his idea of become Edison’s business partner, he knew that it would take all his will and determination, and he knew that he would have to burn all his bridges to his former life so he’d have no choice but to see his dream fulfilled.

As you might have guessed, Edwin C. Barnes did achieve his dream and became the business partner of Thomas Edison.

Knowing your one goal in life will always give you results and Napoleon Hill even shares a six-step method he got from Andrew Carnegie about turning your white-hot desires into reality.

The Idea of The Infinite Intelligence

This book makes what seems like a strange claim by saying that the source of all wealth is linked to how in tune you are with the “infinite intelligence,” this is an intelligence that permeates all matter and living things, Hill says that this intelligence grants people who are open to it with ideas of how to build wealth and achieve their dreams.

I know this sounds pretty “out there” but this belief has worked for millions of people who have put this idea into practice, Thomas Edison even had a dark basement that he would sit in and would receive his ideas and plans for the future.

Whether you want to see this as a real phenomenon or just your subconscious processes working problems out, there is enough proof out there that this practice works.

How To Make a Connection To The Infinite Intelligence

Hill compares the infinite intelligence and our brain to a radio signal and a radio receiver.

Just like a radio receiver has to be tuned to a certain frequency to receive signals, So does your mind need to hold the right thoughts to gain plans/visions/intelligence/wealth and then reflect them into your life.

What happens is that your thoughts, positive or negative, are taken in by your subconscious, they then manifest themselves in your actions and the world reacts to your actions, so by that logic everything begins with your mindset.

With the realization that “the things that happen to you don’t matter, only your opinion of them,” you will begin to grow a filter against negative subconscious thought and begin to see real change in your life all because of your positive mindset.

Another related thing Hill recommends you do is write down the exact amount of money you want to be making so your subconscious doesn’t have any doubts or negative ideas on what your want, it will see the number and only work on trying to achieve it through shaping your thoughts and actions, instead of trying to make it a more “realistic amount.”

Here’s Why You Should Read The Book

This was just a small part of what the book teaches, the other chapters have amazing ideas about:

  • Decision making
  • Having Faith
  • Maintaining Persistence
  • Eliminating Procrastination
  • Creating Mastermind Groups

There’s also this weird chapter called The Mystery of Sex Transmutation, which basically talks about how all the energy behind achievements are sexual.

The book goes beyond money and into the philosophy of life itself, it has changed lives and made millions of people wealthy with it’s timeless ideas.

Hill makes a point of defining wealth not just in terms of money but also in friends, love, workplace harmony, and spiritual peace.

He also has a great lesson we all should learn on not always wanting to be in charge and in order to achieve we must first learn how to serve.

The reason this book has stood the test of time is because it doesn’t talk about having the right amount of education or money to start your business, it talks about things that everyone has such as persistence, vision, and the power to tap into the infinite intelligence and transform who we are.

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