What Affiliates And Joint Venture Partners Are Really Looking For — Product Launch 101

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3 min readJun 19, 2021

You might be thinking about it all wrong — assuming that prospective JV partners want the other person to already be established.

And in few cases, this might be true.

But really, their main concerns are quite different — and very doable — even for the greenest newbie.

Lists Are To Be Protected

First, the JV partners and affiliates really want someone to understand that they’re protective of their lists.

Imagine building a list of 10,000 or 100,000 loyal buyers — would you promote a product that made them not trust you any longer?

So once you understand that they’re protective of their list, they hope you’ll approach them with a truly great product that you’re proud of.

Too many people rip someone else off or slap together a shoddy product just to try to make money.

Your Product Must Have Low Return Risk

The affiliates want to know that what they’re recommending won’t make them look foolish.

Remember — they risk having to pay back commissions in refunds if your product doesn’t do what it says.

Affiliates and JV partners want you to approach them in the right way.

The wrong way is to spam them without ever introducing yourself on the day of your launch, and hit them up with a request begging for them to promote you.

It’s rude — almost like attending a dinner party and instead of walking up and introducing yourself, you simply walk up and hand the other person a business card and walk away.

Nobody wants to be used.

Bonuses Require Time To Be Prepared

Another thing joint venture partners and affiliates desire is enough time to create a nice bonus that will help them rake in sales. You may not know it, but bonuses are what help increase sales by a lot.

And these are different from bonuses you create or allow people to use.



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